• I've installed additional template in Joomla just for Virtuemart
  • I've specified template used by Virtuemart in the Virtuemart configuration

A and B templates

I use the following settings, where template A is for Joomla home and other Joomla pages, template B is for VirtueMart pages:

  • In Virtuemart configuration Select the default template for your Shop is left as Joomla default.
  • The main Joomla template A is selected as default in Joomla template manager and in Menus assignment it is set to all non Virtuemart main menu items.
  • In template B template manager the Menus assignment is to the Virtuemart menu items only.

In Joomla 2.5 template assignment by menu item is the way to go.

Virtuemart requires templates to be assigned to menu items for display.

Hidden menu

Use a hidden menu to use specific (non-default) Joomla templates for specific categories.

  • Create a new Joomla menu, name it e.g. hidden.
  • Add menu items of type Category Layout for whichever categories you want to assign a different Joomla template to (add the category under "Required Settings" for each menu item).
  • Then go to your template manager and assign the templates to the required menu items.

The hidden menu is not shown on the frontend, is only used in the backend.