I have one shipping company, with different rates depending on weight.

As an alternative payment method, the customer must be able to choose COD (Cash on Delivery).

The COD rate of the shipping company is pretty much fixed (within my range of parcel weights).

So if a customer selects COD as a payment form, I want to add a payment charge, and drop the shipping charge.

You can have one shipping company

You have all the weights set up and then set up the same shipping company - and have a different alternative and have it set to (COD).

The customer will then get a set price appear on the screen and other options that says "if you pick COD" shipping will be *** amount and be this cost.

In one of my shops you will see these options after they pick shipping set fee

  • based on weight $ X.00 (based upon calculated weight)
  • based upon weight $ XX.oo (courier and over night)
  • is a flat fee - of $option and we will contact you to discuss COD - shipment fees.

They have alternatives - to pick from.

Make as many as you like.

I even have a customer that does not charge shipment fees - everything is free.

Very small product.